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Green Shield pest control is a local family owned and operated business. Our goals have always been to provide our customers with a simple, clean, safe and affordable service custom to their needs. Solving pest problems is much more simple then one would expect when using the right equipment, products, and having a good understanding of pest behavior. Speaking of products, we at Green Shield make it our objective to use the highest of quality tools and products that leave a small foot print on our environment but are hard on pests. All our programs and services are safe around pets, children, and elderly people, while maintaining a long lasting residual effect on pests. We are certified and insured, along with all our technicians being professionally trained and licensed by us and the state to do the work they do. Pest control isn't just our job, it our passion. It brings us great joy talking to and meeting new people. Thanks for taking time in reading our quick bio feel free to call us at: 630-940-5157 or contact us through our site.

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